About us.

We believe every child can do their best when they are confident at school. With the right personal assistance, children will gain self-confidence which helps them to not fall behind in school.

On our independent platform, we want to make the market for supplementary education transparent and fair. We compare homework institutes, tutors, exam preparation and other types of supplementary educational services to help you find the right choice for you or your child. With over 1500 companies and private tutors in the Netherlands, you can always find the education that fits your needs, at this moment, in your neighbourhood.

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We are on a mission!

We make supplementary education accessible, transparent and affordable for everyone, that’s our mission. How?

  • We help parents and students to find the best supplementary educaction assistance, based on reviews.
  • Companys and institutions offer their services directly on their own conditions and for their own (hourly) rate.

The line-up.

We started this ‘movement’ in 2016, together with a team of education experts, programmers and designers. As the cherry on top, we won the TedX Amsterdam Women Startup Awards with this idea, and now, here we are. The name is Nimbles, nice to meet you!

Danique Wiltink


Adine Tjeenk Willink


Lisanne Coorengel

Community Manager

Tim van den Bosch

Lead developer

Teun Spierings

UX Designer

Sjeng Pho

Back-end developer

Wessel Strengholt

Senior back-end developer

Suzanne Greftenhuis


Nimbles in the media.