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Je betaalt slechts €1 transactiekosten waarna de bijlesleraar jullie belt om de eerste les in te plannen. Het eerste uur wordt pas 3 weken na boeking (eenmalig) afgeschreven. Niet tevreden is geen afschrijving.

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"Jan helped me with math and know I passed my exam! The lessons where well-arranged and clear."

- Marco (17)

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Nowadays 1 in 3 parents, sometimes since preschool, are using tutoring for their children. 70% of the parents really worry about the fact if their children are getting enough personal attention in class.

We understand that it can be tough to search for the right tutor and therefore paying on forehand feels weird. That's why you first can schedual an acquaintance with one of our tutors and we will amortize the yearly membership fee of €45 after you have found the right tutor.

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Tanguy - tutor of homework institute Samen Slimmer

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