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Nowadays, 1 out of 3 parents, some of them since preschool, are using extra tutoring for their children. 70% of the parents really worry about the fact if their children are getting enough personal attention in calss.

Members of Nimbles pay €45 a year for a carefree school year, first hour of tutoring included. We are happy if we can find the right match for you. We keep up the amount of hours and make sure the tutor gets paid. Now you don't have to think of anything and won't feel the responsibilties of an employer.

With the membership you get unlimited acces to all our tutors, also for a second child or other courses. Do you have any substansive questions? Please talk to our education specialists.

We select the tutors close to you carefully and we support them with teaching material, knowledge classes and their administration.

Via the bar above your can search for a tutor, select one and get the membership. You will pay €45 a year, the first hour of tutoring included. Within 48 hours ur tutor gets in contact with you and together you will plan the first hour. From then you can take a lesson package via the tutors profile. We will keep up the amount of hours and make sure the tutor will gets paid. No hassle about payments!

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